PISMA currently have more than 150 active members from all over the Pakistan

The prospective members of the Association are carrying out their business activities in almost all cities and town of Pakistan.

Association has achieve the criteria of the DTO and the Membership of the Association is in accordance with the requirements of Trade Organization Rules 2013.


PISMA playing significant role to defend iron & steel importers, traders.

Some highlights why to join PISMA

  1. PISMA received license no 43 date 19-06-2008 from the Ministry of Commerce.
  2. Sub committees were formed with 12 Executive Committee meeting at Pimsa Central Office.
  3. Pisma played vital role in the determination Iron & Steel item values for custom duties and tax computation.
  4. One of Pisma member in Customs Committee examines Steel items to fix the dispute between importers and Customs.
  5. In recent years Pisma HIGHLIGHTED the misuses of SROs 450.565 and DTRE by the steel industries resulting massive evasion of Duties, Sales Tax and Income taxes.
  6. Pisma saves its members from the great loss of demurrage due to valuation dispute between customs and importer as the Association was successfully got the permission inbounding consignments U/S.81 which saves Millions of Rupees on account of Demurrage.
  7. Pisma helps Government to generate more revenue by keeping an eye on the importers who are involved in miss declaration and evasion of Custom Duties.
  8. Pisma has filed review appeal before the GD Valuation in case if members are not satisfied with ITP of the Valuation Department.

for more details please do not hesitate to contact Pisma office